(May 2017)


  1. TITLE

This Referees’ Association shall be called The Barkston Ash Referees’ Association (‘BARA’).



The objects of the Association shall be:

  • To promote the Vision, Mission and Objects of the Referees’ Association (‘the RA’)

  • To represent the interests of the members of BARA

  • To participate in the management of the RA through membership of West Riding Referees’ Association (‘WRRA’)

  • To keep members informed of all relevant news and information passed from the RA, the WRRA and relevant football authorities

  • To organise educational, social and other activities for members.

  • To advise members on fitness and provide regular opportunities for members to attend fitness sessions



    1. Present and past referees may be members of BARA upon payment of a subscription.

    2. Full members will be deemed to have this Association as their parent ABS (‘Association/Branch of the RA/Referees’ Society’).

    3. Members who are parented with another ABS may join as Associate Members.

    4. Youth referees may join as Full Members at a reduced subscription.

    5. A free guest membership shall be given to a parent/guardian of each Youth Member.

    6. Persons with an interest in football who are not present or past referees may be invited to become members of BARA at a Guest subscription rate.



  1. Each member, so obligated, shall subscribe annually to BARA.

  2. Subscriptions shall be effective from and be due by 30th September each year or such other date as may be determined.

  3. Subscriptions shall remain unchanged until varied at an AGM.

  4. Subscription rates shall be held by the Secretary and will be listed under the following headings: Full Membership; Under 18; Full-time Student; Over 75; Over 60/Under 75; Associate; Guest.


    5.   OFFICERS

  1. The Officers of BARA shall be members of BARA.

  2. The Officers shall be elected at the AGM and serve until the next AGM.

  3. Upon the resignation or other inability of an Officer to continue to serve, the Committee shall have power to co-opt a member to serve on the committee until the next AGM.

  4. The Officers shall include the President, Vice-President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Lead Mentor, Training Co-ordinator, Youth Development Officer, Membership Officer, Fitness Co-ordinator. It is acceptable for one member to hold more than one position.



      1. A committee of members shall be elected to oversee the running of BARA.

      2. The committee shall consist of the Officers.

      3. At least one member of the committee shall be under 25 (subject to membership allowing this – ie that we have an under 25 member who is willing to be part of the committee).



  1. The committee shall meet as and when necessary.

  2. A quorum at meetings of the Committee shall be five of its Members, one of whom shall be the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

  3. In an emergency any three Officers of the Committee shall have power to make decisions, which shall be reported upon at the next meeting of Members or Officers.

  4. The Chairman shall take the chair, and in his absence the Vice-Chairman.

  5. All officers attending meetings shall be entitled to vote (One vote per member, ie if the member holds more than one post they still are entitled to a single vote only). There shall be no voting by proxy.

  6. Decisions shall be made by a simple majority of members present.

  7. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

  8. Other members may be invited to attend committee meetings in a consultancy capacity but would not have the right to vote.


    8.  FINANCE

  1. The financial year shall run from 1st March to 28th/29th February each year.

  2. The funds of BARA shall be held in a single account in the name of BARA.

  3. Cheques drawn on the accounts of BARA shall require two signatures including that of the Treasurer and one other authorised signatory. Where payments are to be made by electronic means or by debit card, authorisation for such facilities shall be granted to the Treasurer, for sums up to and including £100; for amounts over £100, written authorisation must be given to the Treasurer by a second authorised signatory.

  4. The reasonable expenses of the Officers incurred in carrying out the business of BARA shall be paid out of BARA funds.

  5. Other necessary expenses may be paid at the discretion of the Committee.



  1. An Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) shall be held before the end of May each year.

  2. Fourteen days Notice of the AGM shall be given to all members, together with an agenda.

  3. The purpose of the AGM shall be:-

  • To receive the Chairman’s Annual Report

  • To receive the audited Accounts

  • To appoint Honorary auditors for the following year

  • To elect the Officers to serve for the next year

  • To debate and vote upon any amendment to these Rules

  • To elect, when appropriate, an Honorary President, Vice-Presidents and Life members who shall, as of right, be exempt from the payment of annual subscriptions.

  1. Amendments to these rules shall be carried by a simple majority of members present at AGM.

  2. One quarter of members will form a quorum.

  3. Subscriptions to BARA may be varied by a simple majority of members present at the AGM.



  1. An extraordinary meeting (‘EGM’) shall be called within thirty days of the receipt by the Secretary or Chairman of any written requisition, supported by reasons, with any proposed Motions or amendments to these Rules, by the Committee or by any five members of BARA.

  2. Each member shall be given at least 7 days notice of an EGM, together with the reasons for the requisition and any proposed Motions or amendments to the Rules.

  3. All members of BARA as at the date of the requisition shall be entitled to attend the EGM.



    Any member of BARA dissatisfied with any decision of the Committee of BARA other than a decision to amend or not to amend these Rules may do so by appealing in writing to the Committee of the WRRA within four weeks of the decision in accordance with its Rules. A copy of the appeal must be sent to the Secretary of BARA at the same time.



    A minimum of eight open meetings shall be held each year. Such meetings, as far as possible, should include educational content. These meetings will be monthly, commencing in August.



    Should BARA be wound up following a valid vote in favour of same at an AGM or EGM, all funds shall be held in trust by West Riding RA until such time as BARA (or renamed association in the BARA district) is reinstated/reconstituted; if this does not occur within 5 years of dissolution of BARA then WRRA may decide on the distribution of these funds.



    The Committee shall have the power to determine any course of action not specifically covered in the rules.



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